Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"There´s a time in your life when you have to have God..."

"...because you have no one else.¨ This is a missionary from The District videos, Sister Voyles. I have gained such a testimony here of the fact that there will come a time (or there will come TIMES) when we need God, when everything else fails and we have the option to rely on Him, or we can just continue spiraling down in sadness. I´ve gotten to see a few of those times in other people´s lives, and it is incredible.

This week was INSANE. It is the last week in the six-week transfer, and at the end of the week we receive calls to tell us if we will be changing areas or not. I´ve been in Malaga for a while now (over 4 months) and so I was pretty sure I was going. So, anyway, that was stressful.

In addition, we are a trio right now, because there was a missionary who didn´t have a companion. She spent the week with us, and it has been so fun! I´ve learned a lot from her. She´s from Norway, which is pretty cool.

Well, on Monday, we saw a recent convert, named Toby, who is from Nigeria. He had an accident--he was pushed down the appartment stairs, and had to go to the hospital. We brought the elders, the missionaries, over to give him a blessing for the sick, and it was INCREDIBLE. We all felt the Spirit so strongly, and it was humbling to be there and witness God´s power in work.

On Tuesday to Wednesday we did exchanges, and that was really fun. I always learn so much from the sisters. This one, Hermana Cook, is an amazing missionary, even though she´s only been here for like 4 months.

Oh, and then on Wednesday afternoon we had a miracle: There were these less active members who we went to go visit, and they answered the door saying, oh, we´re tired, today isn´t a good day, we really don´t feel like it. We started chatting a bit more, and the mom mentioned that she had some pet ducks, and if we wanted to see them. We said yes, and she let us into her home to see them. (Sidenote: it is so amazing that people let us into their homes, and I´m always so grateful for it. We carry the most important message ever to be shared, but I understand that it is really hard for someone to open their door and receive a pair of young people. So I´m grateful that they do.) This family is amazing, and super good and sweet. We´re looking forward to working with them more.

Also, Hermana Cook taught me how to make french toast :)

The miracle on Thursday was that we were hurrying to an eating appointment, and we have to take a 40 min. bus ride to get there. As we were walking, we see the bus go past...on the other side! So we start running, and we crossed half the street, but cars were coming by on the other side, so we had to wait. I shrugged at the bus driver (because he saw us running) so that he could keep going, but he stopped and waited for us!!! It sounds kind of silly when I´m writing it, but it was really nice of him, and it saved us a lot of time. There are some really good people here!

And then, on Thursday night, we were waiting for the elevator to visit a friend we had in a building, and we started talking to the woman there. We talked for a minute, and suddenly she opened up and started telling us how there were problems with her pregnancy and she was really worried. We told her about a priesthood blessing (like how I mentioned before) for the sick and afflicted, like what Jesus Christ did for the people in His time, and she said we could come over the next morning.

So, we talked to the bishop, who lives right next to us. He said he couldn´t, but his sons could come. We went over the next morning with the sons to give her the blessing, and she explained that she felt the Spirit very strongly. She went to the doctor that night, and they operated on her the next day. We haven´t talked to her since then, but we´ve been praying for her, and the Lord will protect her.

Also, fun fact, I got a library card! So that we can use the library computers for free. But then we found out.....THE IPADS ARE FINALLY HERE! We´re going to get them this Friday. It´s super exciting.

On Saturday was when we were supposed to get the calls for transfers. We waited, and waited...finally it was lunchtime, and we ate together with the sisters in the other Malaga ward, and the assistants to the president, and the office elders. They took pity on me (because I was DYING to know where I was going, and my zone leaders--the ones who were supposed to tell me--hadn´t called and weren´t answering their phones) and told me that..... I´M STAYING IN MALAGA! Yay!!! That means I´ll spend 6 months in Malaga. It´s very exciting.

And then on Sunday, I went with the Norweigan sister to her ward in Fuengirola, while my companion stayed with a member in our ward here. It was cool to see another ward and how they do things.

Anyway, it was a great week. There are a lot of changes coming up! It´s very exciting. I´ll keep you updated.

Love and miss you all,

Hermana Jones

Some of the wonderful missionaries here! They´re awesome.  Hna. Cook, Elder Mangum, E. LLavina, H. Giler, E. Alomia, Me, E. Sykes, and H. Merrill.

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