Monday, May 11, 2015

"My answer from God? It was that I need to start praying again."

This is a quote from one of our investigators...he´s very scientifically-minded, which is great, but he won´t accept anything on faith. We´ve been teaching him for a few weeks, and FINALLY he said that he would pray that night to see if what we were teaching is true. We went back the next morning to see how it went, and he said...he forgot to pray :( So we asked him to pray that night and he said yes, and we went back the next day...and he had prayed! I asked him, ¨What answer did you get?¨ and he said, ¨My answer from God? It was that I need to start praying again.¨ It was SUPER powerful, and I felt the Spirit a ton. (Turns out that, in his prayer, he didn´t ask anything about what we had been teaching him, so he still doesn´t know if it´s true, but we´re getting there haha).
Well! This week was AWESOME. It started out well also: last monday we found 3 new investigator friends who are really cool. They´re evangelicals (I don´t know if that´s how you say it in english...) and they´re really open to hearing about the message we have.

And then, we got to do two companion exchanges this week with the sister missionaries here, and it was super fun! I stayed in my area (because my companion, Hermana Giler, doesn´t know it yet) and it was awesome. Actually, all of our appointments failed on us, BUT I figured it was for a reason...and we ended up finding more new investigators as well. So that was cool. I love exchanges, I think I learn more from them than the other sisters learn from me :)

And then we just had some amazing, wonderful, crazy miracles... When we were on an exchange, and Hermana Giler was in a different part of Málaga, a man came up to her and said, ¨Are you Mormons?¨ She said, ¨Yes, we are.¨ ¨The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?¨ ¨Yes.¨ ¨Joseph Smith, 1820? Alma, Nephi, Moroni?¨ ¨Yes, that´s us!¨ He was a bit drunk, but said, ¨I need you to come visit me.¨ So they wrote down his address, and turns out that he lives in OUR area! So we went to visit him, and turns out that he´s actually a member of our church already. AND turns out that he was baptized in 1977 (a year after Spain was opened to let in other religions) and that he holds the Melchizedek priesthood!

This Sunday he came to church and the first talk was about...the Word of Wisdom. (I swear, we did not plan that at all.) After he said to me, ¨That talk was for me. I need to stop drinking permanantly.¨ Since he met Hermana Giler that first time, he hasn´t touched alcohol at all. He´s so awesome!!!
Oh, and we also got a new ward mission leader here. There was a bit of a problem with our old one...and so we haven´t had one for a few weeks. For me, that´s a bigger problem, so we´ve been bugging the Bishop haha so that he and his counselors can pray about it and call another one. They called a man who just moved into this ward, and who´s AWESOME, and served a mission a few years ago, and doesn´t have a job. (That´s too bad for him, but really good for us--as missionaries we require a lot of support and contact and help from the ward, and the ward mission leader is our connection to the ward. They recommend that we´re in contact with him every single day. AND it´s not just my companion and I; there are 4 pairs of missionaries in our ward here, so he´s got a LOT of work ahead for him.) I think being ward mission leader would be a very difficult calling...but also incredibly rewarding.
Anyway, I hope you have a great week! Love and miss you all!

Hermana Jones

This is the zone of missionaries here...they´re awesome!

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