Monday, May 11, 2015

"Repentance is more valuable than forgiveness"

This is a quote from Elder Frost, one of the senior missionaries who lives here in Malaga. He was explaining that it isn´t enough to get into Heaven being forgiven; we have to be like God, and we learn that through the process of repentance.
Well, it was a great week, as usual. 
Monday: The first part of the day was P-day...we played soccer, as usual. My district here is made up of the assistents to the president and another pair of elders and us, and a few times a week we go and play soccer in the mornings. But most p-days we go and play soccer also. Every monday we always do family home evenings with the Bishop´s family, and it´s super fun. They´re awesome, and although they all know our missionary object lessons, they like to participate and bring their friends.
Tuesday: We had a lesson with a wonderful 12 yr old who has been meeting with the missionaries since she was nine, but her parents won´t let her be baptized. But she´s amazing and her testimony of Christ is incredibly strong :)

Wednesday: TRANSFER DAY! It is always crazy...we are the sister missionaries closest to the train/bus station, so we are always getting calls asking us to pick up or drop off or stay with other sisters...but I love it. Hermana Herrera went home :( but Hermana Giler came! She´s amazing, she and I were in the missioniary training center together, and she is an INCREDIBLE missionary. I´ve loved serving with her, even for only the few days she´s been here.

Thursday: We do weekly planning sessions each week, and this week was amazing. Preach My Gospel says that weekly planning should be a spiritual experience, and it definitely was this week. And we got to plan for the exchanges that we´re going to do this transfer (we do 6 every transfer).
Friday: We had district meeting, and afterward ate with the assistants and some sister missionaries close by. It was super fun!

Saturday: I randomly woke up sick...again. This time, it wasn´t food poisoning or anything, but all my muscles hurt and I had an awful headache. I felt sad because we couldn´t go out and work, but we were able to go out for a few appointments and so it was okay.
Sunday: I felt a LOT better, and church was great! We had some great lessons with our friends who are getting to know the church, and it was awesome. It was a great day :)
So, that was my week. I would share pictures, but I don´t have any new ones...haha sorry!

Love and miss you,
Hermana Jones

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