Monday, May 11, 2015

"It wouldn´t be the gospel without my family."

This is a quote from a boy in our ward here in Malaga...the first Sunday in May is Mother´s Day in Spain, and it was also Fast and Testimony meeting in the church. This boy gave an amazing testimony about how grateful he was to his mother, and how he, only being 17 years old, was coming to understand how important and wonderful the family is.

It was a great week this week! It was Consecration Week, which is when we try our best to give everything we have to the Lord, and we really did see a lot of blessings from it. And the President´s Assistants (who are in my district here) saw some amazing miracles: they found over 40 new investigators this week! It was incredible, and I´ve never seen anything like that before. It really taught me that, when you are obedient and good and work hard, the Lord WILL bless you. But more than that, He will bless others through you. Those 40+ people that the Elders taught had the amazing blessing of getting to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. Miracles!

Monday was a good day. Every Monday we do a Family Home Evening with the Bishop and his family, and it´s super fun! They are so great and take such good care of us. They live right next door, so we see them a lot.
On Tuesday we had a lot of funny moments. I´m not sure exactly what happened, but it was just one of those days when nothing goes right...but we really enjoyed ourselves. And there are some really good people in Malaga. I love being here!
On Wednesday we went to eat with a member from Brazil whose food is SUPER good. So that was the highlight of Wednesday haha...we worked hard and visited a lot of people that day. One was named Oscar. He opened the door when we knocked, and we started talking about God and if He exists, and why all these bad things happen in He really does love us. It´s hard for him, but he has such a big heart and is so willing to find out if what we´re saying is true. We invited him to pray to see if God exists, and he said, ¨Okay, I´ll do it. You´ll have to come back in a few days to see how it went.¨ It was awesome :)

And THEN came the crazy exhanges...we had planned to do an exchange with the sisters in a city about 2 hours away, Granada. But then we got a text that there was an emergency in another city, Almeria, and we needed to do exchanges with them asap. (and this city is 3 hours away, in the opposite direction). So we had our Granada exchange (which was super fun because it was with a sister that was in the missionary training center with me) from noonish on thursday until noonish on friday, and it went really well. I stayed here in Malaga and Hermana Giler went to Granada. Then, on Friday, I had to be on a bus to get to Almeria at 3, but Hermana Giler wasn´t getting back from Granada until 3:30, and I had the keys...I called the Bishop´s wife and she told me to leave them under the mat of their door and that Hermana Giler could pick it up afterward. So we did that, and I got on my bus, and it was all good. But it was stressful for a bit. Almeria was great, and super beautiful, and the exchange went well. But on Saturday, on my way back to Malaga, the bus broke down! It wasn´t a big deal, I felt very calm, but we were kind of in the middle of nowhere, and I don´t understand car language in english, let alone spanish and my poor companion had to find someone to be with while I was stuck there...but there was a nice German couple in front of me who didn´t speak english nor spanish, and so I talked to them a bit. (¨Talked¨ as in, we laughed a bit and tried to communicate...but I did learn that kaput is a real German word.)

And then´s supposed to be a day of rest, but for missionaries, it´s one of our most stressful days. The Sacrament meeting was wonderful and very spiritual, but afterwards, the problems started. The other missionaries in the ward were going to have a baptism right after church of an AMAZING woman. She came up to us (my companion and I) and told us that she forgot a towel. So we left church and went to our appartment to get a towel and blow dryer for her, and when we got back, we were informed that the hot water wasn´t working. So we had to fill the font with what we could of the water from the building, and heat water on the stove for the rest of it. It was an adventure...we were running back and forth for a few hours doing this, and then there was a gas leak from the water heaters...but at the end, the baptismal service was incredible. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost, and it went well. And the woman being baptized, Monica, is so special. It was a really tender day.
So, that was my week. It was awesome :) This Wednesday, we are going to Sevilla to be trained on how to use the iPads, but we won´t actually get them for 2-3 weeks because the company is having some shipping problems. But it´s all good :)

I love and miss you all! Have a great week,
Hermana Jones

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