Saturday, June 13, 2015

"The blessings are arriving"

This is a quote from my previous companion, Hermana Herrera. She finished her mission a few weeks ago, and she came back to visit our ward here.

Well, our week started out interestingly; Hermana Giler and I were playing volleyball with the other missionaries, and the ball hit her hand and bent it back...long story short, we had to go to the hospital
and get an x-Ray. She's fine, it's just a sprain, but it was an interesting day. And then, the next day, we had a lesson with our investigator friend, and while we were talking about what happens after we die, this lady came up and started insulting us, saying that what we were doing was useless, that our church wasn't one point, she said, "I bet you just come here to Spain to have a good time, and that nothing ever happens to you." And my wonderful companion goes, "Well, sometimes people come up to us and yell at us." And the lady was like, "Really?" It was pretty funny. But also really sad, because she wasn't very nice, and our friend was there listening to all of this.But it's all good :)
And then we got our iPads! We went to a meeting, and they handed out the iPads, and we set them up...but mine didn't work! So I got a new one on Sunday. I'm writing from my iPad now, yay!
And then on Saturday, we went to meet a new investigator friend, and he took us across the street to his evangelical church. It was very interesting, but cool. They were doing baptisms, so that was cool to see.

I love and miss you all! Have a great week,
Hermana Jones

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