Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfer week!

Hello! This week is transfer week, which is when the missionaries who are going to different areas get calls about where they are going. I´m staying here in Malaga, but since Hermana Herrera is finishing her mission in a few days and going home. So...I´m getting a new companion! Her name is Hermana Giler, and we were in the MTC together. I´m SUPER excited that we get to work together, it´ll be awesome.

This week really wasn´t that interesting...I don´t have much to report, besides the transfers. Sorry about that.......

But! I did eat some new food this week: chickens foot and pig tongue. It was...interesting. They literally cut off the foot of the pig and took out the bones and nails, and then cooked it. The sauce tasted fine, but the texture was really weird. And then the pig tongue was odd was very dense, and it didn´t taste good unless you dipped it into this other type of sauce. But hey, at least I can say I've tried it, and it wasn't that bad :)

Well, sorry this letter is so boring, but I promise I´ll write a good one next week! 

Love and miss you all,
Hermana Jones

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