Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"We're part of God's plan for others."

This is a quote from a sister here, Hermana Olson. I loved how she
phrased it, and it made me appreciate a lot more the roles people play
in my life, and the role that I play in theirs.
We had a crazy, crazy week. So much happened this week...we did two
exchanges, which were super fun. And then Hermana Anderson gets a
call, on Thursday, from the mission president. He said that there was
a sister in Fuengirola that had to go home, and they needed someone to
take her place, and he felt that he needed to ask Hermana Anderson.
So, the next morning, she was on a bus for Fuengirola, an 8-hour bus
ride. We miss her! But it's good that she is able to help the Hermana
in Fuengirola. She is still a sister training leader, so she is going
to be there at the mission council next week, and on the tenth of
December (when I go home haha) she will be back here in Alicante with
Hermana Evelo.
This week we taught a cute Chinese person, she is super cute! I
managed to explain the Book of Mormon to her, using the pictures at
the front and Google translator. She's so cute!
Also, we met a nice guy named Richard, he's from Portugal. But he
speaks Spanish and English perfectly, and is so great. The only
problem that he lives in Barcelona on the weekends...but we'll work on
Also there, is a woman here who is the mom of a convert. She's really
nice, but doesn't come to church, even though everyone loves her and
invites her. Her reason? She has a 16 year old dog who she has to hand
feed every hour. Isn't that sad? She is losing out on her many many
many blessings of knowing the gospel and living it, just for her dog.
It's a major dog excuse.
Anyway, I hope you have a great week! Miss and love you all!
Hermana Jones

One of our last meals together! We had half an hour before we had to
go to the exchange, and we needed quick, fast food, and everything was
closed...it was really good food though!

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