Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Heaven is as close as you want it to be."

President Lopez, the stake president here, said this on Saturday at
the stake women's conference. It was an awesome conference; we got to
go because my companions are super talented and played their
instruments in the conference.
It's all going awesome here! Hermana Evelo got in on Wednesday. She's
from Florida, and she's wonderful. We went to pick her up at the train
station, and two elders were with us to welcome her and take some
bags. She lugged one of her suitcases off, and we ran up to say hello
and hug her...and suddenly the train starts honking and the doors
start closing, and Hermana Evelo goes, "Wait, my bags are still on
it!" I ran to stand by the front of the train to try to wave down the
conductor, and the elders pulled the doors open and ran onto the
train. Thankfully, they were able to throw out the bags and get off
before the train pulled away. So that was an adventure :)
We've had such a good week! Today, we are celebrating Hermana
Anderson's birthday, and it has been super fun figuring out the
surprise. She guessed, but that's okay:)
Here are some fun pictures from this week!
1. Our district at Dominos! We met some British people who were there
for a soccer game, and they were really nice! But I've discovered that
I struggle to understand people from northern England haha.

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