Saturday, April 4, 2015

"I'm not going to fall back into what He got me out of"

This is a quote from a return missionary here in Malaga. It was a very inspiring talk that he gave in Church; he talked about how we are all very imperfect, but that doesn´t mean that we can´t always be improving.

Well, it was a great week! I´m over my cold and everything, so that´s good. Last preparation day we had a sleepover with some of the other sister missionaries that live by us, and then about 40 missionaries here in Malaga went and we played volleyball. It was super fun, even though I couldn´t play that well haha.

Monday evening, we went to visit one of our friends who´s getting to know the church, and she wasn´t there. So, we went over to a building close by to visit another friend. As we´re walking up the stairs to his door on the third floor, he bursts out of his house with the Book of Mormon in hand, gives it to us, and starts to go back in. We were like, ¨Wait! Where are you going??¨ Turns out he´s going to join the military in a few days, and knew he wouldn´t be able to see us again, so he was going to return our book. We explained that the book was his, that he could keep it and even take it with him on his travels, and he became really excited. We talked with him a little more, and it was awesome to see how excited he was about the Book of Mormon. He´s going to Africa to do his training, but we gave him the address of the mission so that he could write us and tell us how his reading of the book is going.

And then we were able to do exchanges again this week with the Granada sisters. One of them is in my group--we all entered the mission together. It was so cool to work with her! She´s a maquina (machine).
But we had a great week; we found a lot of new people to teach (yesterday, it was a Bulgarian family) who are really interested in the gospel. One had been taught by us before, and then he moved to Fuengirola, but last week he moved back to Malaga! It was a huge miracle :) I´m excited! And I love this work!
I hope you all have a great week!

Love and miss you,
Hermana Jones

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