Saturday, April 4, 2015

"The photos ARE useful."

This is a funny quote from a leader in the stake here in Malaga. As missionaries, every time we baptize someone, we fill out a form that shows the steps they need to take to be able to go to the temple, and then we attach a photo. We bring it to the ward leadership meetings, and people started saying that they didn´t know who these people were so how could they help them, etc. One of the Elders started showing them the photos that we had of that person, and it helped the leaders remember who it was. (It sounds like kind of a lame quote right now, but it was really funny at the time, I promise)

Sorry I couldn´t write earlier! This monday we had the mission leadership council (concilio) so we didn´t have much time to write home, but earlier we went with the elders and some of the youth from our ward to play soccer. It was SUPER fun, even though it was insanely hot. We played from 12 to 2 (which, looking back, was a bad decision on our part. There´s a reason Spain has siestas in the middle of the day--it´s too hot to do anything else!) But we had so much fun, and were able to get a lot of our energy out.

And the rest of the week, earlier, was a lot of fun too. We have some really amazing investigator friends right now, and they´re so sincere. One, named Kilian, is AWESOME and like half his family´s already mormon and live in Utah. He loves the Book of Mormon, and all the members love him. He´s very accepting of spiritual things as well.

Oh, and another pair of elders in our ward here had a baptism, and I had to give a talk! It was only like 3 minutes long, but I was still nervous. But it really was an amazing baptism, and you could feel the Spirit really strong. Something I liked that a member of the bishopric said there: ¨Somewhere in the world, there are kings and politicians deciding the fate of nations, there are movie stars and famous people changing the world, but right now in heaven, everyone is looking down at us.¨ Baptisms are so important, and it´s amazing to be able to witness one.
I love and miss you all! Thanks for all that you do for me!!!

Hermana Jones

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