Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz Nuevo Año!

I don´t have a good quote this week...I was sick yesterday and still am a bit sick with a cold, so I didn´t pay attention very well haha. But it´s all good!

We´ve seen a bunch of miracles this week. One huge one was with a woman named Socorro. (it means ¨relief¨ in spanish) She´s from spain, catholic, and elderly, and everyone says that it´s really hard to get through to those people. And it is! haha We´ve been working with her for MONTHS and haven´t had any progress, but everytime we prayed about it, we felt like we should keep teaching her and her husband Mariano. (This is the couple who always invites other people to the lessons; their catholic friends and neighbors, and their reverends too haha.)

Well. This week we went in and talked just with Socorro about how she was feeling about the gospel. She said she´d pray about it that night, and so we told her we´d come back the next day. I wasn´t expecting much (a sure sign that I need to have more faith haha) but she told us that she received the answer that yes, this church was true. Hermana Adrian and I didn´t say anything cuz we were so shocked :) I learned that the Lord loves His children, and He will guide them where they need to go.

Well....New years was very interesting. We went over to the same family that we stayed with for Christmas, and ate a TON of seafood. It was all delicious, but it was stuff I had never tried before. I ate shrimp (like...they cook the shrimp whole and then you have to break off their heads and tails and pick apart their shells to eat it. It was a ton of work) and mussels and these little baby fish that are fried and a big fish called ¨Dorado¨ (like from the movie El Dorado; it means golden). Very interesting. And then, in Spain, they have this tradition where you have 12 grapes. In the 12 seconds before the new year, you have to make a wish and try to eat one grape a second or your wish won´t come true. It was very stressful hahaha but fun.

I miss you all and hope your holidays were great!

Hermana Jones

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