Monday, January 19, 2015


Can you guess where I´m going to serve next? Málaga! And not only that, but I´m going to serve there as a sister training leader. That means that I´ll have the opportunity to go on exchanges with other sister missionaries and learn from them and teach them. I´m super excited! But also super nervous. It´s a big deal, and I don´t feel completely ready, but the Lord qualifies whom He calls.
Well, that was the big announcement that came on Saturday. On Monday, our ward mission leader (A member from the ward here who helps us organize our missionary work in the ward) and his wife took us to La Manga, which is really cool. How do I explain it...There´s the coast of spain, and then theres an island that´s suuuuuper thin that´s attached to one end of Spain by a bridge. The mediteranean sea is on one side (the Big Sea), and then between the island (that almost connects on the other side) is called the Smaller Sea. The Smaller sea is a lot warmer, and saltier, and not as deep, so it´s a great place for families and people to swim. But La Manga is the city that is on this island (la manga means ¨sleeve¨) and in some places, it´s only about 500 feel wide, and you can see the two seas super close. All of you should go Google it, because I don´t think I explained it well haha. But it's cool!

Then my companion went to be trained how to be a trainer in Malaga for two days, so I stayed with the other sister missionaries here in Cartagena. And then I went on an exchange with the sister training leaders in alicante (an exchange is when there are two pairs of missionaries, and one person from each pair switches for a day or so in order to teach and learn from each other. The missionaries in Alicante are sister training leaders; In this next transfer, I´ll be doing exchanges like them.) and it was fun. When I finally returned, it was friday, and we were able to visit a few people. We spent Saturday doing our normal missionary work, and Sunday as well.

But I stayed up last night to pack :( I´m leaving Cartagena on wednesday, but my companion leaves on tuesday to pick up the new missionary, so today is really my last day in Cartagena. So sad! But I´ve worked hard and done all that I can here, and I know the Lord is proud of that. I´m leaving Cartagena in good hands; Hermana Adrian is AWESOME and her next companion (a brand new missionary) is super lucky. 
Well, I hope you all had a good week! I heard the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.....I´ll be cheering for them from here!

Love and miss you all,
Hermana Jones

Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea

Smaller Sea, all taken from La Manga

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