Monday, January 12, 2015

"Of course I'm going to be a missionary!"

One of the people who was recently baptized, Brian, said this. His father doesn´t like the church, and his mother likes it but isn´t very supportive, and he still wants to serve the Lord. (He´s 14, so it´ll be a few years still.)

Well :) This week was awesome! It started out a bit rough...from Monday to Friday, we had taught 7 lessons in total, and it made me very nervous. One of our goals this week was to teach 20 lessons during the week, and it didn´t look like we were going to make it. But then,on Saturday and Sunday, things BOOMED and we taught more than the 20 lessons that we had planned. So that was really cool, and a lesson for me that when we make worthy goals, ask for the Lord´s help, and do all we can to acheive those goals, He will help us.

Thursday we went on a search to find a reference from a member. We didn´t know this part of Cartagena well, called Santa Lucia, but we had our map and were doing fine. We walked through a place called Los Mateos, that is really pretty, but a very poor area. As we were walking, we noticed that the streets were SILENT because everyone was staring at us. Eventually two nice young men stopped us and said, in english, ¨You shouldn´t be here.¨ (I guess we looked like we didn´t belong haha) Apparently, Los Mateos is a zone where the missionaries don´t usually go, because it´s dangerous. The men who stopped us had lived in Utah for a while and were very familiar with our church, so it was cool to meet them, and if only for that, I think the trip was worth it. But we won´t be going back haha.

And then on thursday, Isabel finally was baptized! The day was CRAZY for us: We had to pick up another missionary and then drop her off a few hours later, and buy refreshments for the baptism and eat and then run to member´s houses to get some keys for the church was a lío (aka mass confusion) but we were able to do it so that Isabel didn´t feel any stress and was able to just enjoy her baptism. The Spirit was very strong, and I loved it.

And then, yesterday, Hermana Adrian (my companion who just finished 3 months in the mission) received a phone call from our mission president asking if she would trian a new missionary. How cool is that???? We´re both super excited, and she´s totally ready to be a trainer. Our area has had a bunch of new missionaries ( me, hermana Adrian, and now the new hermana who will come in a week or so) but it´s awesome cuz new missionaries bring a type of enthusiasm that older missionaries don´t have. BUT it does mean that I´m officially leaving Cartagena next week....on the 20th or 21st I´ll leave for another part of Spain. I´ll let you know exactly where next week!

I love and miss you all! Have a great week,
Hermana Jones

Brian and I

Me, Isabel, and Hermana Adrian at Isabels´s baptism

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