Thursday, December 18, 2014

We Can't Be Scared

"...When we´re scared, it means that there is something more that we should do, that we aren´t doing." One of the leaders in the church here said this, and sorry for the weird translation haha. It sounds better in spanish :P
Well! It was a great week. We had an open house in the church, which was a success. We had a few investigators there, and they were taught about where they came from, their purpose here, and where they´re going. They´re questions that are so important, but many people don´t know the answers.

We had plenty of miracles this week, but also some really frustrating events. We´re teaching a few people who are smokers, and trying to help them quit is stressing me out. One, Isa, is a woman who has been through so much and is still fighting even when she should have given up a long time ago. She wants to quit smoking, and wants to change her life, but she doesn´t have a big enough reason to do it yet. We´ve been focusing on the Book of Mormon, to help her build faith in Jesus Christ, because He is the only one who can help her have more determination and resolve to change. I have such a testimony now of the Word of Wisdom (the health code that God revealed to Joseph Smith; in it, it says not to drink alcohol or to smoke.). Tobacco ruins lives! Ack. Frustrating.

BUT. I´ve been reading this talk by Elder Jeffery R. Holland that is called, ¨None were with Him.¨ In it, it talks about how completely along Jesus was. On the cross, He says, ¨My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?¨ Elder Holland says that this wasn´t God abandoning Christ; in order to make a complete atonement, Jesus had to not only suffer for our sins, but also feel how we feel when we sin: God´s spirit, the Holy Ghost, leaves us, and we feel completely alone. That must have been incredibly hard for Jesus, who had never sinned, and so had never felt separated from His Father. Elder Holland says this afterward, ¨But Jesus held on. He pressed on. The goodness in Him allowed faith totriumph even in a state of complete anguish. The trust He lived by toldHim in spite of His feelings that divine compassion is never absent, thatGod is always faithful, that He never flees nor fails us.¨

It´s good to remember what Christ did for us, and how He did it.
I hope you all have a great week! Christmas here isn´t the same as in the states, but it´s still fun, with all the lights and presents :)

Love you all!
Hermana Jones

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