Monday, December 8, 2014

"If Christ were here right now, where would He be?"

(Besides on Sundays, when He´d be in church, of course haha) One of the Sunday teachers asked that question, and it made me think. I think that, if He was walking in Cartagena, He´d stop and talk to all the poor people, the ones who need His help. It´s a good reminder that, even though Christmas time is super happy and fun for most of us, it can be a sad time for others, being away from their family and friends, or unable to buy their kids presents. 
Well, this week was great! It was busy and interesting. We talked to a lot of people on the street about Jesus Christ. The Church has this program now, called He is the Gift (I´s ¨El es la Dádiva in Spanish haha). There´s a cool video on about Christ, and how He is the greatest Christmas gift our Father in Heaven could have ever given us. 
Well, I thought I´d update you all on some of the people here. There´s Brian, the guy who was baptized about two months ago. He´s still going strong, wants to receive the priesthood, go to the temple and go on a mission. There are days when I think, ¨Man, even if I just came to Cartagena for him, it would be completely worth it.¨ He´s just so great. I´m so blessed to be a part of his search for God. It makes me realize that there ARE people who want to know God, and who need to know that He loves them. I get to be a messenger of that´s the best :)

Let´s see...Our other ¨recent convert¨, Monica, is a little bit worse. She works in something called ¨Interna¨ which means you go and live in an old persons home and take care of them 24 hours a day. The people she watches over, an old man and woman, don´t let her have books of other religions, or pray out loud, or have Sundays off to go to the church. And so she´s forgotten a lot of what it is that we do in Church, and what we believe, and how to talk to God. It´s super sad. BUT we got back in touch with her, so I hope things will start to improve. Poor thing. Her kid is due in January.

Oh! The other big news: Transfer calls came, and I´m staying here in Cartagena! Transfers are every 6 weeks for missionaries, and I have already been in Cartagena for almost 5 months, so I wasn´t sure if I was staying. I´m super happy I am staying though, because we´re still in the middle of the 3 month training for Hermana Adrian, and I just love Cartagena so much :) 
Speaking of Hermana Adrian, I´ve been learning some cool words from her in Spanish. Since she´s from the Dominican Republic, and it´s pretty close to the States, they use a lot of English words. But, for example, there are a bunch of words that mean cool: guay (guh-why), chulo (chooo-low), and jevi (pronounced ¨Heavy¨ and it means SUPER cool). Here they also use words like ¨okay¨ and ¨shopping¨ and ¨feeling¨. It´s very interesting to see how they picked up some american culture.
I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week.

Hermana Jones

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