Saturday, June 13, 2015

"The best happiness is sharing the gospel with others."

The assistant to the president, Elder Phipps, said this the other day in church. It struck me, because it is so simple, but so true. A day before, my companion and I were talking with a family who had been
baptized almost a year ago, but right now, they're going through a lot of problems. We asked them how they're doing, and they explained a bit more. The mom asked us, "Well, how are you two doing." We said great, like always, and described the miracles that we'd seen that day. She joked, "You just don't have any problems. Life is perfect for you." I wanted to tell her that no, it isn't it's hard for
everyone, but in a way she's right. When we keep the commandments, our lives are a bit easier, because we won't have the problems that come as consequences of our sins. We'll still have difficulties, but God will help us, because we're doing what He's asked us to do.

As always, it was a great week. We went to Fuengirola on Monday, and ate kebab with the other missionaries. Then we had the missionary leadership council, which was a lot of fun. Then on Tuesday we did an exchange, and on Thursday we had weekly planning, and on Friday we had
Zone meeting (we had to give a talk, and before that we cleaned the baptismal font because there would be a baptism later), and then on Saturday we had a fun ping-pong championship. Everything went well, and it was an awesome week, but it has gone by SO fast. Hermana Giler and I have decided that the exchanges that we do every week make the transfers go by really fast, which I don't really like. But the exchanges are really fun, so that makes up for it. So, I don't rally have much else to I think I'll explain a bit about the iPads. It's an iPad mini 2, and it's wonderful. We
have the Gospel Library app (that has all the scriptures, manuals, and talks given since like 1987, in English AND Spanish), Skype, FaceTime, iMessage, FamilySearch, and all sorts of apps to help us learn the language. So, basically, we can just carry around our iPad and not even need a bag! (Except for all the random things I put in my bag, like Kleenex and Chapstick and band aids and pens haha.) and we don't usually just take our iPads, because we work in some sketchy areas. There's actually some concern for the missionaries that, if it starts to get around that missionaries have iPads, we'll be followed and robbed to get our iPads. But I don't think that'll happen :)

Let's see...we don't have our Area Book (where we keep all the information about the people who are investigating the church and what we've taught them) on the iPad, because in Europe there are some
privacy issues that they're working out. And to make basically all the apps work, you need wifi, and we don't have it in our apartments...we go to the church. Or, as Hermana Giler and I did a few weeks ago, we got library cards! It was very exciting. I'm writing from the library right now.
I love and miss you all, and I hope you have great weeks!

Hermana Jones

cleaning the baptismal font

My companion and I getting our ipads!

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