Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 29ish

Sorry for the lame title, I couldn´t think of anything else haha.

It was an awesome week! I got to do two exchanges (when i go to another sister´s area and her companion comes to be with my companion for a day or so) and they were SO fun and I´m learning a ton. I get to speak english here a lot; there are a lot of people from Africa here and they speak english most of the time. And we never have a hard time finding people to teach...almost everyone we talk to is super friendly and willing to listen to our message, which is awesome. But the only problem is that we have a LOT of people interested and we can´t teach them deep enough because we don´t have time...we´ll see. It´s a great problem to have haha...Malaga is awesome, and there are so many people here ready to hear the gospel. 
This week in church, we had four friends attend with us who were getting to know the gospel. Four! That´s more than I think I´ve ever had haha. But we found out that a super awesome one is moving to Madrid....so that stinks, but there are missionaries there too haha.

I don´t have a ton to write (sorry!) and there´s not much time today...every month the zone leaders and sister training leaders and assistants to the president of the mission all gather together with the mission president and he gives a few talks about how we can do our work better. It´s an awesome time to learn how to help the people we´re teaching, and also how to help the other missionaries that we are responsible for. It´s so fun, but it does take up a bit of our preparation day...but it´s a fun responsibility.

Love and miss you all!!!
Hermana Jones

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