Monday, February 9, 2015

"I can't risk disobedience"

This is something my companion said a few days ago, and I though it was so true. There´s a lot going on right now, and if we weren´t obedient, we wouldn´t be able to have God´s help with it.
Well! This week was great, and super fun. We were able to go to Concilio (Council) which is when all the Zone leaders (male missionaries who have been called to lead 14 to 30 missionaries) and the Sister training leaders (us, and 7 other women missionaries, who have been called to lead 12 to 14 sister missionaries) get together with the mission president and his wife and his assistants and we learn how we can help the missionaries in our areas. On Monday we had dinner there in the mission home and had talks and slept, and then on Tuesday we had a ¨State of the Mission¨ talk and made some goals. Then we came back home, just in time for me to get on another 3 hour bus to Almeria to do exchanges. It was SO BEAUTIFUL: the road to Almeria runs right along the Mediteranean for all three was so pretty. It still amazes me that I´m here...

The exchange went well, and one of the men that I helped teach is getting baptized this week! It was super cool. I came home to Malaga the next day, and we were running to all of our appointments...Thursday was a pretty calm day. But Friday was sooooo stressful. We had Zone meeting, which is when all the other missionaries come together and learn from the zone leaders and SHE´s (sister training leaders) what President said to us in Concilio....which meant that I had to help give one of those talks! It was scary, but it all went well haha.
The rest of the week went well too, and it wasn´t very eventful. But today (like an hour ago) we rode electric bikes down by the beach here in was super fun and really pretty, and the air smelled like Seattle :)

I hope you all had a great week!

Hermana Jones

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