Monday, February 16, 2015

"How do we practice being like Christ?"

...Here in His Church.¨ This is a quote from a talk given in church yesterday, which I really enjoyed. The speaker said that the Church is a way from the Lord to be more like Jesus Christ; we don´t go just to fill up seats.

Well! We had a fun week, full of lots of funny moments. We did exchanges with some Hermanas from Granada, and I stayed here in Malaga...for the first time! It was scary, cuz I still don´t know the area well, but it worked out. we were able to have a lot of good lessons with people, and I learned a lot from the Sister who came here to be with me for the day.

We have this AWESOME investigator friend, whose name is Eugenia. She´s studied with Jehovah´s Witnesses for 7 years but was never baptized. She smokes and is trying to quit, but has seen SO many miracles since she started meeting with us. She´s awesome. Hopefully she´ll be baptized this Sunday, if she can stop smoking (you have to have stopped smoking for a good amount of time before you can be baptized).

And then, on Valentines day, we just had a really funny day...I´m not sure why, but everyone just started rejecting us in the funniest ways. But we were able to talk to a lot of people about Christ and what happens when we die, which is something a lot of people wonder about. I love being able to bear my testimony about how I know that these things are true. It makes my stronger spiritually, even if they reject it.

Well, other than that...Church on Sunday was AWESOME. We were able to have 4 of our investigator friends there: Jenni, who´s mom won´t let her be baptized until she´s 18; Eugenia, the one who´s going to be baptized; Jonotan, an awesome student who has been looking for God; and Eduardo, who´s this really smart guy who won´t let us actually teach him, but who comes to Church every week (I have no idea why...everyone thinks he´s a member already haha). They all are super great people, and I´m so blessed to be able to work with them!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Hermana Jones

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