Monday, November 3, 2014

"This Book of Mormon will save a life..."

"...You cannot leave it sitting in your house." This is a quote from my Stake president here when he handed out a Book of Mormon in Church yesterday.

Well! I have a new companion! Her name´s Hermana Adrian, and she´s from the Dominican Republic. I LOVE her accent, and she speaks english really well. Missionaries who don´t speak english as a first language have to learn it on their missions, so we´re working on speaking english in the appartment, and spanish outside (cuz I definitely need to work on my spanish as well hahaha). We´re doing really well together...she´s super excited to be here, loves the area and the people...she´s just perfect! I don´t feel like I´m training her, I feel like she already knew exactly how to be a great missionary.

So, This week I headed to Malaga to pick her up, and we all ate together and had a great night there. Then we rode home (note: Cartagena is a full 7 hours away from Malaga, so it was an all-day thing). We´ve had a great week together, and are focusing on being exactly obedient.
Oh, and I cooked yesterday! 

This week has been kind of dull ...we´ve had a lot of people cancel our lessons, and none of our investigators came to church :( That always makes us sad, because in the church, you can feel the Spirit so strongly. And it gives the investigators a chance to see what our meetings are like, and that we´re normal people. 
We have an AMAZING investigator, Felipe. He´s from Africa and speaks English and Spanish and french and twi (his native language). He took the Book of Mormon that we gave him and said, ¨You know, you´ve been telling me that this is the true church, that there is a prophet on the earth today, and that this book is true. I want to know the truth for myself. I don´t have work in the evenings this week; I will read it, and then I will pray to God, and He will tell me if it is true.¨ We were both like, Yes! Do it! Hahaha

I love being a missionary :) I get to testify every day that Jesus is the Christ, that He suffered for our sins and because of Him, we can like with God and with our families again. I get to testify that there is a real prophet today and 12 apostles, like in Jesus´ time. It´s the best! 

I love you all! 
Have an amazing week,

Hermana Jones

     The group of trainers this transfer

hermana Adrian and I!

A 3 generation picture... My trainer, me, and my trainee

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