Monday, October 27, 2014

"Uhm...I don´t speak French..."

Hi all!

One thing I love about being here is that it´s a crossroad for many, many different languages. There´s Spanish (and I´m pleased to report that all is going well for me with that one haha...I learned the word for mushy today), Arabic (which I can´t even begin to decipher...I know the Koran is pronounced Kor-AHN--you have to kinda shout the last part hahaha) and we now have an investigator who speaks French. I cringe every time I talk with him on the phone because he understands most spanish (or so he says) but just goes off talking in french and I literally have NO clue what he´s saying...oy. I have to say multiple times, ¨No, I don´t speak French...wait wait repeat please!¨ It´s difficult. But he´s awesome!

I dunno, not much happened this week. As a mission, we had a ¨finding week¨ which is when we work really hard to find and teach new people. It was amazing, and we saw a lot of miracles.
One was that we have an investigator, Joaquina (Wah-key-nuh). Shes great, and we brought her a Book of Mormon with a dedication from us to her. But we forgot that we had brought her one the last week...So there we were, with an extra Book of Mormon that we couldn´t just hand out because it was dedicated specifically to her. And those books weigh a lot! They´re all hardcover, and they´re beautiful, but they are not light haha.

And, like the good missionaries we are, we decided to look to God. After all, this is His work, not ours. We prayed that we would meet another Joaquina to whom we can give this book. And guess what happened?

A few hours later, we were in the house of some investigators (they´re older spanish people...very set in their ways, but we keep feeling like we need to visit them). They were reciting their rosaries, and we waited with them. It took a good 15 minutes, but when it was finished, we shared a quick message. There were four other people there reciting the rosary, one was Yago, who has been there the past few times we´ve taught, and who we just realized yesterday is a REVEREND; the other was JOAQUINA!!! not the same Joaquina hahah. We shared this miracle with her, and she said she would read it. The Church is true, and this is God´s work :)

I love you all! I get my new companion tomorrow, so you´ll all hear from me again in a week.

Hermana Jones

We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone ;)

I don´t know who lives in this house, but it´s cool, huh???

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