Monday, November 24, 2014

"Soy yo, Señor?"

¨Is it me, Lord?¨ 

We had a lesson in Relief Society (the class for women in the Church) this week about when the Savior told His apostles that one of them was going to betray Him. They didn't look around, saying, "Well, I bet it´s Peter, he didn't have enough faith to walk on the water that one time," or, "It's definitely Thomas, he doubts too much." They were humble, and they knew that they had weaknesses. I think it's so important to be humble, because without it, we can't be instruments for the Lord. Can you imagine if we went to use a shovel and it told us, "Nope, I can dig that hole myself"? I think that;s what it's like for Heavenly Father, when we aren't humble and accept that we need Him to make us better than we are. 

This week was great, as usual. Jesus, the investigator from last week, is still going strong. He's super faithful and wants to learn all he can. And then there´s Isabel, who absolutely LOVES the Church and the lessons that we teach. It's always a relief to talk to people who are really interested in our message.

I don´t have much to report today, so I´m going to send pictures!

Love you all,

Hermana Jones

Cool Spain sun :)

On our way to a conference with Elder Kearon, a member of the 70. H. Adrian, me, H. Daines and H. Rodriguez

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