Monday, October 20, 2014

"English doesn't make any sense"

This quote is from my wonderful companion, Hermana Herrera. She and our mini-missionary were studying english together from the Church pamplets, and translating the english one into spanish. They got to the word followers, which is seguidores in spanish. Later, they found the word following, which is despues in spanish. H. Herrera said, ¨This language doesn´t make any sense. It´s the same word with different endings in english, but they mean completely different things in Spanish!¨
Well...Not much happened this week. The big news is that we have a mini-missionary! She´s from Almeria, and is waiting for her mission call, so she decided to spend a few weeks with the missionaries while she waits. Plot twist: Three days after she got here, her call came! So now she has to wait a whole other week to read it haha. But her name´s Angie, and she´s great :) She´ll be with us until next monday. And then next tuesday, I go to pick up my new missionary, and H. Herrera leaves. It´ll be a crazy week next week!

Oh, that reminds me. I spent the beginning part of this week, Tuesday and Wednesday, in Malaga, being trained on how to be a trainer haha. It was awesome! There are nine of us who will be training this transfer. Usually they have the meeting only one week before the new missionaries come, but there were some scheduling issues so it was two weeks early this time. It was so nice to be able to get together with President and Sister Deere, and they always have really good food haha. But I did NOT like the travel time: 8 hours one way, blech. 

Well, sorry this letter isn´t as interesting as normal...not as much happened this week haha. And the USB port on the computer I´m using doesn´t work, so I can´t even send photos...But I´m sending my love!


Hermana Jones

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