Monday, August 31, 2015

In order to achieve perfection: action and obedience

This was a quote that my district leader told us, and I really liked it. It made me think about how important obedience is, but not just obedience. We need to act and do all we can, and the Lord will make us perfect bit by bit.
This week has been pretty uneventful...we've done a lot but it was one of those weeks that flies by and you can't really remember what you did.
But! We had a few miracles.
1. We met a lady on the bus. She started to talk to us, and it turns out that she's a member of the church who hasn't come in a while. She's SUPER nice and wants us to meet and teach all her family. We've been looking for her this week, and we couldn't find her, cuz she moved. It's incredible how the Lord works--when we have done all we can, the Lord does the rest.
2. It was transfers this week, and my companion and I are staying the same in Alicante. But, as we passed the day with an Hermana who was getting a new companion, we get a call from one of the other missionaries here.  He told us that there was a missionary who was traveling from La Mancha to Murcia and had to pass through Alicante, but he was lost. He didn't have a phone, of course, because the phones stay in the area.  He was able to get into touch with his new companion in Murcia by iMessage, but the last message his new companion received from him was, "I am lost in the Alicante train station. My iPad is dying right now. Help." So we go off running to the train station (the Hermana we were staying with was in the middle of teaching us how to make lentils, but we had to abandon it) to find the missionary. We found him easily enough, and, with one percent battery on his iPad, told his new companion, "I have made contact with the hermanas. I am safe." Hahaha it was a fun experience. We got him to his next bus and went home to finish our lentils.
Sorry I don't have more interesting things to write...but I'll try to do super fun things this week :)
Love and miss you all!
Hermana Jones
successful lentils!

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