Sunday, August 23, 2015

Be worthy to receive miracles

One of the assistants to President said this. I like it a lot. We can all be worthy in some ways, but to be able to see miracles, it requires a bit more.
Okay, this week was CRAZY. CRAZY!  As the sister training leaders here in Alicante, we have nine pairs of Hermanas to do exchanges with. We've done 6 so far, so this week, we had three more, all in Cartagena. There are three pairs of Hermanas there, and because Cartagena is three hours away, we have to do them all in a week, cuz it doesn't make sense to go and come back three individual times.
So. On Tuesday, I traveled to Cartagena at 2 and got there at 5, and then stayed there with the Hermanas in the first ward. I was here from Tuesday to Wednesday. Then, the next day, at about 2, I went to the second ward and was there from Wednesday to Thursday. On Thursday, I went to the Hermanas in third ward, which is where I started my mission, so that was so cool.  I got to talk a bit on the phone with one of my converts (Brian, remember him?) it was so good to talk to him....I was there until Friday at 2, and then I took the bus back to Alicante (honestly, I have never ridden the bus so much in my life as I do here in Spain), met my companion, walked with her and another sister missionary to the train station, and took a train to Elche. There, I did an emergency intercambio with a sister until Saturday. My companion and  the other sister from Elche that she was with came down to Elche and we all ate lunch together, and then I went with Hermana Merrill back to Alicante. We worked a bit Saturday night and then went to an activity I the church where we watched Meet the Mormons (I loved it!). Sunday morning we had church, which was great, and Sunday evening we visited a few people and did our weekly planning.
Okay, so that's how I spent my week. It was insane. I spent the night in a different bed every night, and traveled so much that I got headaches, but it was fantastic. Normally, the intercambios are incredible, amazing experiences, but also really hard because they just take so much out of you. I was worried that I'd just be super exhausted and not be able to do all the intercambios well, but the Lord carried my companion and I through it all and we had a great time. They were incredible. And I wasn't in my area, but they taught a ton and met a ton of new investigators. It was a great week!

Love and miss you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Jones

Cartagena! The reddish building behind is where I used to live.

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