Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When we promise 'si' at baptism, we promise 'siempre'


It´s been a good week. This quote is from H. Trendler, who is serving in South America right now :)
Monday there was a lightning storm! I got a fairly good picture of it. In spanish, they have one word for the rays of lightning, and one for the flash of light.
On wednesday I had intercambios, which is when the Sister Training Leader companionship splits with us, so my companion went to their area, and H. Blake came here with me, for a whole day. I had to be without my companion for a whole day! And more importantly, I had to know where I was going and what I was doing for a whole day! It was scary, but really fun. We visited a few people, and then went to our investigator Bryan´s house. He´s been having the lessons for a few months, and is really conflicted about being baptized (he wants to be confirmed in another church like the rest of his family--keep in mind, hes only 14). ¨We´ve been doing Family Home Evenings with his family (his mom´s a less active member) for a few weeks. We started talking to him, and he said, ¨You know, I was talking with my mom, and I want to be baptized. Not this week, but next week.¨ Hearing that...ahhh it made my heart melt! Baptism is an essential step in Heavenly Fathers plan for us, and we have to be baptized in order to live with Him and our families after this life. It is really important for people to come to their own decision regarding baptism, because, especially for Bryan, it might bring family difficulties because his dad doesn´t like the church. But being baptized for the remission of sins and later receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost brings so many more blessings! I´m so happy for him. It will be this next friday, so I´ll send pictures next week :)

I taught my first english class this week! And guess what? only kids showed up! It was this group of like 11 kids, and I just had NO idea what to teach them. We worked on how to introduce ourselves, and I tried to get them to sing the alphabet song with me (I was not successful with that).

OH and on friday there was this massive rainstorm! The streets were flooded, and we still had to work...some members gave us umbrellas, but we were COMPLETELY soaked. It was ridiculous. I felt so bad that we got everyone´s floors wet that we visited, and I think some of them only invited us in cuz they felt bad for us haha. It´s been raining off and on ever since...everyone says this is not very normal haha.

Well, I´ll let you know if there´s any new developements, but I´m doing well! Thanks for your emails and letters...I don´t always have time to write back, but I LOVE reading them :)

Hermana Jones

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