Monday, September 8, 2014

"Everything the light touches is our area"

Hey! So, I think I forgot to send a letter this past week...Sorry about that. I really don´t have an excuse other than that I forgot haha. We have an hour and a half to email, so I have plenty of time.
The good news is that I didn´t have much to write about anyway haha. We had a lot of lesson cancelations (On Saturday, every single one of our nine lessons fell through). BUT that´s why we have back up plans for every hour of every day! We were able to meet some new people to teach.
For example, the pueblo we work in most, Torre Pacheco, has like 50 small parks. We were walking in one of them, and these three ladies stopped us. Apparently they sit in the park every day and talk. They asked who we were and what our church was about, so we taught them about the Plan of Salvation, that everyone can be with their families and with God after this life. We´ve continued teaching them a few times a week in this park. It´s kind of an odd situation...we just show up and all of us gather around this bench/table thing and learn about the gospel. H. Herrera and I call them The Tres Mujeres (The three women), because they´re always together.
We also are teaching this sweet woman, Monica. She´s pregnant, and the first time we met with her, she started bawling, saying she wanted to change her life. We were thrilled, because that´s exactly what we try to teach people, how to have better lives. More about her next week :)
Those are just some of our investigators. Each pair of missionaries is assigned to a certain area to share the gospel, and we rarely leave our area. I just LOVE my area, love it. The people are odd sometimes, and it makes me sad when some of them reject what we teach. But I´m responsible to bring them the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they have the right to reject or accept it. Even if I am sad for those people, I know that there are men and women here who I need to find, who the Lord has prepared to hear His gospel. It´s an amazing feeling. Kinda like a scavenger hunt haha. In fact, today our ward mission leader took us on a tour of Cartagena and the surrounding pueblos. Basically a tour of our area. Remember how I said that we have 11 pueblos in my area? I´ve only been to two of them! But we got to the top of a mountain outside Cartagena, and you could see all the little pueblos and areas there. Our leader was pointing out the different parts, and I was like, ¨So...basically everything we can see right now is our area.¨ It´s awe inspiring, and very humbling.
Well, I think that covers my week pretty well. I am being well taken care of here by the members, so don´t worry about me :) I love you all!
Hermana Jones

PS points to anyone who can guess the reference to the subject line!

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