Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 5/6

Hey everyone!

It's been a good week. We had an Area Seventy come and talk to us, Elder Reina, this past Sunday. He said 3 important things we need to tell investigators about our church: We are Christians, and Christ is the center of our church; This is the same church that Christ organized 2000 years ago; and that when I live according to the principles of the gospel, I am happy.

This past week, I (well, the Church) started my residency process! I´ll be a resident of Spain for a year, and then have to start the process again.

Now for my park story. I was with my temporary companion, H.M, (who goes to BYU too!) and we ended up in the random far corners of the park. There was an older man we talked to, Luis, who was hardcore Catholic and asked us plenty of questions about the Church. Thankfully, between the two of us, we were able to answer them all. At one point, I started to explain to him the Restauration of the Church (in Spanish, of course), and he interupted me. He said, "You know, people go to America and learn English. They go to Japan and learn Japanese. You should learn Spanish. How do you expect to be able to convert me if you can´t speak my language?"

I was shocked! Who says that stuff to strangers!?!? But I held my head up and said, "By the Holy Spirit." I was so embarassed and mad (my Spanish is NOT that bad), and it felt like the most awkward moment in the world! But its okay, because I know what I said is true. I don't convert people. Nothing I say will make them believe in the gospel. The feelings they get from the Holy Spirit will convert them. So it's okay if my Spanish isn't great (and besides, I've only been here 6 weeks!).

Speaking of that, I leave the CCM on August 5. So don't send me any more letters here! Send them to this address:

Sister Alexandra Jones
Spain Malaga Mission
Av. Jesus Santos Rein Nº2, 3 D-E
Edif. Ofisol
29640 Fuengirola, Malaga

My email is still, and I love hearing from you all! Miss you, and have a wonderful week!

Hermana Jones

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