Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 3!

Hey all! I´m already three weeks into my time here in Cartagena, it´s crazy! And this week has been rough, not gonna lie...literally EVERYTHING went wrong!

1. Our washer broke. This is a problem...especially because our landlord is out of town for 3 MONTHS in the US. We had someone come check it out, and he said it would be cheaper to just buy a new one. Hopefully that´ll happen this week.

2. The transportation here is a nightmare. The buses work pretty well, but the train that we use most often, from Cartagena to Torre Pacheco (one of our pueblos) is always late, anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. We´ve learned not to plan any lessons in that time.

3. We ran out of money, due to the transportation. The Church gives us an allotted 140 € per month, for food and transportation, although the transportation is reimbursable (is that a word?). It takes a week or two to get our reimbursals back though...and because we work so much in the pueblos, we are on trains or buses up to 4 times a day! That figures out to anywhere from 10 to 20€ a day, and if you do the math, that leaves us very little money for the last week or so of the month. We are due to get more money tomorrow, so it´s all good.

4. I got food poisening. I know! I´ve never had it before, but it was not fun. We spent all of yesterday, Sunday, in the apartment because I couldn´t walk around. But I feel great today! No worries there.

So, even though it´s been a nightmare of a week, it has honestly been the best week so far. We have seen so many miracles! People have stopped us on the street, and they ask who we are, what church we represent. There was one guy who said, ¨Do you know my father in your church? He said you could come teach me. When?¨ It was the most amazing thing. We also were able to get ahold of some old investigators who were really receptive, who love church and love the missionaries, but their work schedule is crazy so they can´t visit with missionaries very often.
And the last miracle...because I was sick, I got to sleep for like 20 hours! On missions, they say you never sleep in unless you´re sick. So it was nice to have that break.
I hope you all are doing well! 

Hermana Jones

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