Monday, September 7, 2015

"Elders and Sister, welcome to the work of angels."

That's a quote by Jeffery R. Holland, one of the apostles. He was talking to a group of missionaries, and I just really liked that part.  Angels are helping us!
Okay, as I was thinking about what to write today, I thought, "well, I don't know, it's been a boring week..." But it really hasn't! We did a LOT.
First of all, we had the mission leadership council. It was super fun, but my companion and I had to give a taller (in English that translates to a workshop, or like a talk or a presentation...I don't know how to translate it well) about the exchanges. And we were like, "Um, that's terrifying!" It was very intimidating to write the talk, but it went so well and everyone participated and it was great. We went down to Malaga with the pair of Hermana trainers in Cartagena and it was super fun.
Anyways, we got here to Alicante Tuesday night, and the rest of the week was pretty good and normal. We did an intercambio with the other pair of Hermanas here in Alicante, and I was with the one who is from Albania. She's so cool! She's 26, an English teacher, and has taught English in Albania, China, y Italy...incredible. I had sooooo many questions about learning another language and everything--I learned a lot from her.
Okay, what else....oh haha. Okay, so from council we brought this suitcase full of copies of the Book of Mormon to give to the missionaries to replenish their supplies. Well, on Friday, when we did the intercambios, Hermana Merrill and the other Hermana were taking the suitcase home on the bus. They buckled it in by the entrance and
went to go sit down, and then got off at the stop...without the suitcase! They realized like an hour later, had to call a member to get the bus phone number, called the bus people, who told them it was at the police station. They went to the police station, and they start trying to explain the situation: "We are looking for a suitcase, it's
full of Books of Mormon, because we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it was belted in on the bus..." and the police said they could get it on Monday. So, all was good with that, but then we realized one little problem: once we get to the police station, they'd ask to see our residency cards... And they're
expired. They expired two months ago, and the mission is in the process of renewing it, but either way you look at it, they should have been renewed earlier.
So...we didn't know what to do and called the mission secretary who takes care of our residency stuff, and he told us that we should try taking passports, and if that didn't work, he sent us a document showing that he's in the process of renewing it. We got it all ready, and this morning we went to the police station. It was very anticlimactic; we went in, they brought out the suitcase, they checked my companions passport, and we went home. Hahaha but it was a fun adventure!

I love and miss you all! Have a great week,
Hermana Jones

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