Saturday, July 11, 2015

"This is a gospel of joy, of happiness. If it´s not that way, you´re missing something."

This is something that a member said a few weeks ago in his talk in Sacrament meeting.  It was a great talk, and it really touched the heart of our investigator friend.
It was a WONDERFUL week this week.  Our friend, Frank, that we met last week, is seeing MIRACLES in his life, seriously.  He was introduced to the church by his girlfriend, who is living in Mexico, and who is a Mormon.  Whenever I talk to him, I think about that quote that Ruth says to Noemi in the Bible, that ¨Your God will be my God.¨ It really defines him, and it´s incredible to see how much he wants to know about God and follow His commandments.  He has smoked his entire life, but now, with God´s help, he´s been able to quit from one day to the next.  It´s not easy, but he´s doing it.  He´s incredible.
I don´t have much time, but some highlights would be:

1. Today we went and hiked a mountain and played soccer and volleyball with our mission president and his wife.  Super fun!
2. We have an AMAZING ward mission leader here (a member whose calling is to help the missionaries, and be a link between the missionaries and the members).  The rest of his family moved here from paraguay, and they are just the best.
3. A less active family that we´ve been working with has been coming back to church, and it´s incredible to see their change.  It´s very humbling as well; it´s not easy to admit your mistakes and come back to God, but they are doing it, and it humbles me to see how much humility and courage and love they have for God to do it.

Anyway, that´s been my week! I´ll try to send pictures soon haha
Love and miss you all,
Hermana Jones

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