Monday, March 9, 2015


Nothing incredibly interesting popped out to me this week, so I decided to title my email with a fun spanish word. It means juggling :) There are people here who do it in the streets, in the middle of big main streets, to get money. They´re actually pretty good. I´ll take a picture next time.

Well! This week was CRAZY. Monday was fairly normal, except that we had to keep running to the bus station to pick up missionary trainers (the ones who are going to train the new missionaries) and missionaries who were leaving to go home. Then, on tuesday, we spent the morning with all the new missionaries and went out contacting. It was so fun to see their energy and excitement. It made me remember my first days in the mission...I was SO confused, all the time. But now I´m one of those who knows what their doing (at least, we pretend to).

Then, on Wednesday, we spent the morning with all the missionaries who were getting transferred to other parts of the mission. They all had to take buses/trains at different times, and their companions couldn´t be left alone, and everyone was getting in at random was crazy. My companion, hermana Miller, left for sevilla, and Hermana Herrera got in later.

She´s so awesome...she´s from Colombia and so she speaks spanish and has been helping me improve mine. And she´s almost done; this is her last transfer in the mission. I have been taking advantage of this and have been asking her EVERYTHING. How to be a better missionary, a better leader, what I do if I have a bad companion or if we don´t get along....she´s a wealth of experience and information. It´s aweosme :)

Oh, and THEN they split the missionary zone here... there are the individual missionary companionships, and then a group of about four of those companionships makes a district, and 2-4 districts make a zone. And then, in our mission, there are 10 zones. The zone here in malaga was made up of like 5 districts, and was super big. But this week, they merged our zone with another zone and then split it. SO...Hermana Herrera and I now do exchanges with 6 or 7 pairs of sisters every week, and they are spread over three zones. It´s crazy! But it´s super fun and I´ve enjoyed it so far.

Other than that, the week went pretty slowly, but it was good. I hope you all have a good week!


Hermana Jones

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